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Shirret can be made of old silk neckties
Blue jeans created this Shirret bedside rug.
mohair shirret
shirret oval wool heather rug by Louise McCradyPattern for oval rugs is in our book The Art of Shirret by Louise McCrady, $17
oval mohair rug
shirret close up
shirret blue plaid crochet rug

Can this be crochet? These
look so e x p e n s i v e.
And they're recycled fabric scraps ! So easy and quick 2 do

FOR $5 TO $17

Piecework Magazine Shirret
shirret cat collarCat collar project $17 or $38 with everything tools
crochet shirretcell phone cozy cone caseCell Cone Cozy project with fabric and cord $17
or $38 with all supplies
shirret quilt matQuilt project $17 or $38
shirret wool brooch to make for winter coat

























Two simple stitches.

A special crochet hook,

cotton cord, and your scraps !

It's Shirret, and it's reversible, firm and not
floppy, it lasts 100 years plus, and it's
luxurious . . and easy 2 do

TRY IT FOR $5 TO $17

Cut up fabric scraps (even tiny bits),
baste them onto a long, special crochet hook,
make a double crochet stitch and pull a bit of
fabric off the hook.

This is Louise McCrady Shirret™. She named
it in 1968 and taught 60,000 other people how to.

The crochet skill you need for Shirret is the
same as adding beads to stitching:
one extra hand and finger motion.

ShiRRéT™ is a plush 3/4 inch high.
The surface is the fabric, standing on edge.
The stitches are hidden inside the fabric
and Shirret is reversible.

Two simple crochet stitches,
a special hook,
cord and scraps !

wool - cotton - silk - rayon - polyester - doubleknit -


old clothes, slip covers, bedspreads, curtains, ––

into ShiRRéT carpetbags,
bedside rag rugs, BROOCHES, berets !

THE ART OF SHIRRET book of patterns, written directions
and easy to follow pictures $17

"My clothes weren't this special when I
was wearing them

Key to the Images :

top R: 3'x4' plush art carpet of nubby mohair by Louise McCrady.
She tailored Chanel Suits for herself and made this carpet from
the scraps

top R: Louise McCrady made this 18" chair pad of four plaids
from one woolen mill. It is worked in bands.

top L: Piecework Magazine - Shirret 1998.

L aqua: close-up of a loose weave aqua + tighter weave light
blue wool. It looks like a Persian Cat.

Black Oval purple, red and black made from Daddy's vivid silk neckties.

6' round carpet of farmer's jeans. Soak them in
copious amounts of hair conditioner to soften them to work with.

"ShiRRéT looks like the Orientalist needlepoint
in the great manor houses and at Liberty
of London."
––Candace Bahouth,
UK tapestry author-artist and sister of Greenpeace
International director Peter Bahouth

"You can't fool me. These are made from foam rubber,"
declared a gentleman
at the Chicago Knitting & Crochet Guild of
America conference

Shirret has also been called:
shirred and standing rugs, caterpiller rugs, ruffley rugs, rugbee rugs,
confetti rugs, American tapestry rugs, crochet fabric rugs, the needle
with a hump, hump needle rugs, latch hook rug, creative rugcraft,
ruffle rugs.
This crochet looks so e x p e n s i v e
but it's made from recycled fabric !

TRY IT FOR $10 TO $17

"If everyone took this up, there'd be World Peace." ––
–Clo Davis, Boston.

Save money using recycled fabric. The only thing you buy again
is CORD in fashion colors, $5. You can make stunning hats,
gypsy carpetbag Chic, & rich rag rugs

"Do you crochet?" "Who doesn't, these days" - Jola, New Haven

This crochet looks e x p e n s i v e And you say it's
made from recycled scraps ?

Two basic crochet stitches, a special hook, cord, and scraps ! make it luxurious.

ShiRRéT™ is a plush 3/4 inch high. The surface is the fabric edges. It's reversible.
Recycle wool - cotton - silk -polyester - rayon - doubleknit -
old clothes, curtains––
into ShiRRéT™ carpetbags, bedside rag rugs, BROOCHES,
berets !
THE ART OF SHIRRET book of patterns and pictures $17

Louise McCrady ShiRReT™ rugs have passed down thru generations of families .